About Us

Welcome future and fellow yogis!

The mission of Yoga Interventions! is to unite people in the yoga community with each other, as well as with people in the urban community.  We bring yoga classes to busy urban and “green” settings.  Yoga Interventions! is for everyone, from first-timers to seasoned practicioners.  YI is DONATION based, so give if you can and if you feel moved.  Otherwise, sharing your spirit is enough!

Hi, I’m Paige, founder of Yoga Interventions!

My teachers would always say, “Take your yoga with you when you leave the studio,” so I did!

Yoga Interventions were started in Charlotte, NC. I started staging Interventions in areas that would normally be unnoticed by passersby, such as parking structures, abandoned buildings and medians. Gradually, it has grown to encompass more open areas, such as parks or grassy patches in shopping centers.  Interventions encourage observers and practitioners alike to breathe and be aware of the scenery of our lives. It is also really fun to practice outside! It brings a whole new dimension to our yoga practice when we embody the principles of yoga in an open public space, encouraging us to live our yoga on and off the mat.

Everyone is welcome to attend the interventions.  They are a light and fun experience, where we all do yoga together, no matter how advanced or new.

Join me by hosting your own Intervention and sending me pictures, which I will post on the blog! We are trying to get people in as many cities as possible to participate in spreading the joy of yoga through Yoga Interventions!


One response to “About Us

  1. Thank you Paige for bringing community together. This rocks! Hari Om! Ciann

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