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Hey yogis!

We are partnering with Charlotte Yoga Club for an intervention to celebrate the begining of a regular outdoor class in the Ballantyne area!


Rullo di Pasta in Torringdon Circle in Ballantyne

12206 Copper Way
Suite 138
Charlotte, N C 28277

We will meet in the grassy area next to the restaurant.  This is a nice urban space, with a large grass area for practice.  See you there!


Yoga Adventure California, YI Goes On The Road

From San Francisco to Los Angeles and back, Paige made her way in search of good Yoga Interventions! spots.  Pictured above, Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur, California was one of the most beautiful places ever!  Big thanks to our friend Chris Stubbs of Santa Barbara for the tip-off.  Locals continually take the sign down to keep tourists off of this beach, which is also an eco-preserve.  Exotic birds can be seen sitting atop giant rocks that rise out of the rough seas.

I attempted dwi pada koundinyasana on top of one of the rocks, but it was so windy, I kept getting blown over! Not something to play around with when your 15 feet above the ground on jagged rock!

We also went to the Santa Monica, home of two world-class studios, Yoga Works and Exhale.  The view of the Pier was great, although it was far too crowded for any yoga…

Annnd, finally!!! 2010—-The Year of the Handstand!  Most people will tell you, I have been working on handstands relentlessly for the last year or so.  The desire to master this  overtook me.  It got to the point that I would invert wherever I had room, once even in the aisle of the grocery store.  Finally, coming up into a handstand at will is one of the best feelings ever!  However, Overcoming Fear of Falling out of Handstand should be the real title of the year.  Once I learned how to fall safely (I know this is an oxymoron), it enabled me to practice much more without fear of getting hurt.

In San Fran, we had all kinds of fun.  We visited my friend Stew and found out about a rad Paella place…..Stew ate a baby octopus!  There is a book called the Yoga of Eating.  I think Stew has plans to read it after this food episode.

The  Castro District of San Fran, where I frequented a great studio, Yoga Tree Castro.  One of my favorite teachers in San Fran, Jill Abelson, was based here.  This whole area of town featured lively murals, an eclectic group of people and lots of PRIDE flags!

Then, there was the Mission District, where we  visited the locally famous Hot Cookie bakery.  Apparently you get free cookies if you model the Hot Cookie gear….Hey, there’s a guy doing Adho Mukha Vrkshasana in his underwear! Talk about a Yoga Intervention!

My lovely travelling companion, Helena Pabst.  She flew all the way from her home in Berlin to meet us in California!

We also went to Outside Lands Music Fest, where we saw the Strokes play, and spent most of our time trying to acquire the viking hat pictured below.  The story is quite a testament to the power of the human will.  We found the tent issuing the viking hats and spent 20 minutes convincing the lady at the booth to give us her last one.  Despite her being dead set against it, our enthusiam and our last 6$ finally won her over.  I know it may not look like it here, but Stew is actually an avid yoga student and can be quite peaceful when he puts his mind to it!

On our way to LA from San Fran, I left the viking hat in our hotel room for lack of space.  Needless to say, Stew was deeply upset when he found out.  The universe must have been looking out though, because upon our return a week later, to the same hotel….I found the viking hat perched on the window seat in the hallway as though it had been waiting for us all along.  Either that, or Stew has some crazy powers of manifestation.  Or both.

Next stop, LA, where we went to Urth Yoga, an Anusara Studio.  I took a class with the delightful Jennifer Gaecke.  Imagine my excitement at seeing a Level 4/5 class on the schedule.  Someday, we will have these classes in Charlotte.  We did the most amazing poses, including Scorpion, ashtavakrasana to mountain climber (beautiful transition) and pincha to urdva danurasana.  Now that’s some crazy yoga!

I wish I had taken a picture of the studio!  But check it out by clicking the link…

And, sometimes, there’s nothing more yogic than jamming to music in your car!

We did a great little driving tour of LA at night in our rental car; here is the view from Mulholland Drive.  It’s a great reminder that we are tiny specs of dust in the universe, but specs of stardust nevertheless. Our brain has over 60,000 thoughts per day.  What we do with them is up to us.

Namaste Yogis! YI’s Becthler Museum Intervention has been featured in a blog!

Much thanks to Bill, of, for writing about YI!  He also posted some beautiful photos with the article.  We performed a Yoga Intervention as part of Southern Holiday’s Arts Week, in front of the Bechtler Museum.

As always, we encourage you to spread the joy of yoga on and off the mat! We’ll be posting a regular intervention schedule soon!

Hari Om,
Paige and Jessica

New Intervention 4/4/2010, Scott and Kenilworth~

Hey folks, sorry about the last posts that didn’t go through. my mapquest was acting up and I couldn’t get it linked. So, here is the map of the site,


Bring your mat and maybe a long-sleeved shirt, although it shouldn’t be necessary. Also, I know we had some request for other spots, which is great! I just need a chance to make the schedule!!

PS- are horny cardinals trying to get into anyone else’s house right now? There’s about 6 of them flying around and tapping on all my windows, trying to nest! haha!


Pics from Founder’s Hall Intervention!

We got asked to leave within 15 minutes of being inside Founders Hall of course, but the security guard looked interested in our handstands until that point.  We finished our practice outside the building, with lots of traffic, under the close watch of a Bank of America Sercurity Guard.  The peace we brought to the situation helped us diffuse it.

Pics from Amelie’s Intervention!

Interventions Cancelled Until Further Notice

Hey all-

The weather has been prohibitive lately, so we have decided to cancel interventions until the weather gets warmer.  Keep checking back, stay tuned!


Jess and Paige